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Battery Day 2022 Highlights

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

On September 23, Battery Associates hosted the 3rd edition of its annual event: Battery Day 2022. The event featured 6 panels discussions, 7 deep-dives, a keynote address on battery cell innovation, and networking breaks throughout the day.

Battery Day 2022 saw the registration of 1000+ battery enthusiasts from 60+ countries.

Our 6 panels at a glance:

  1. Battery markets in Asia: Focusing on Asia, our first panel included discussions on the roles that China, Indonesia, Australia, and India will play in future battery markets.

  2. Battery use cases: This panel featured a unique conversation between two experts on the stationary vs. mobility use cases and explored interdependencies between both sectors.

  3. Scale up: Gigafactories in Europe: Panellists shared their insights on the LFP scale-up in Europe and discussed what is needed to ensure a competitive European gigafactories landscape.

  4. Li-ion Battery Recycling: The panel looked at recycling opportunities in Europe, China, and the U.S. Topics covered included scale, capacity, regulation, safety, and more.

  5. Solid-State batteries & lithium metal: Discussions featured both academic and industry perspectives on solid-state technology, looking at current technical challenges and safety considerations for the commercialization of SSB.

  6. U.S. Battery Policies & Responsible Sourcing: The panel focused on recent U.S. regulatory changes, from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to the Inflation Reduction Act, looking at repercussions for EV adoption and the sustainable development of batteries.

Our 7 deep-dives at a glance:

During the event, a number of 45 min deep-dive sessions were run in parrallel to ensure in-depth discussion into specific battery topics. This year, our deep-dives included:

  1. CREOCell free standing electrodes: The deep dive session explored the recent challenges in electrode manufacturing and the solutions provided by Creonia Cells. Further, the session analysed a step-by-step process integration of CREOcell and also focused on the CREOcell technology evolution and potential for CREOcell storage capacities.

  2. Career Session with Arvensis Search: The session focused on technical recruiting insights on how to supercharge a career in the battery sector for entrants as well as technical leaders. The presentation further focused on cross-transferable skills required in the sector and how one can plan their entry & grow in this career path.

  3. BatteryMBA Case Study | European cell manufacturing: The session offered some crucial insights on the European newcomers in cell manufacturing securing lithium. The case raised the following questions: What are the advantages and disadvantages for cell manufacturers based in Europe to source lithium in Europe? 2. What are the challenges of new lithium miners in Europe and how will you suggest them to overcome the challenges? 3. What can the EU or the government do to support lithium mining in Europe and avoid another Rio Tinto incident to happen again?

  4. BatteryMBA Case Study | EV market in India: The session presented recent developments in India on the e-mobility front with an emphasis on Electric vehicles. The case raised the following questions: What are the major risks for India / emerging markets to grow as a battery power/superpower? Investments? Metals? Governmental support etc? 2. What position would India take in regard to China in granting access to the local India market? This shall be an important question as China is not only a dominant player in Battery technology, EV but also in refining important metals such as cobalt and nickel and rare earth mining. 3. Should leading Groups / Auto OEMs focus on vertical integration and go up to the level of mining? Tata Group / Other conglomerates?

  5. The Battery Report: This deep dive session included an introduction to Volta Foundation along with their monthly events like Battery Brunch and publications like Battery Bits. The session later looked closely at the Battery Report 2021, a collaborative project by a community of experts to summarise the battery landscape.

  6. Battery Cycler: This session presented Battery Associates' cloud-based affordable battery testing tool. Features shared included: 1. light, portable, hardware with environment-friendly EU & MENA design and manufacturing; 2. Subscription platform with free battery data and extended features, 3. Open source community engagement development.

  7. Battery sector recruitment with Arvensis Search: This session provided data-driven insights into the sentiment and behavioral trends of the most important talent pools. The deep dive helped participants understand how talent in the battery sector engages with the job market in 2022.

Our warm thanks go to our speakers for making this a successful event! Our team also wishes to thank everyone for supporting our mission to share knowledge about battery industry trends and technology development while connecting leading experts around a full day of battery-focused discussions.

About the Authors

Amandine Bressand

Chief of Staff at Battery Associates

Amandine Bressand leads B.A's daily operations to accomplish B.A's goals for a sustainable and people-centered battery sector. In 2020, she transitioned to the energy sector from the human rights sector where she worked as a project manager and a paralegal for 7+ years.

Priyal Vadgama

Social Media & Event Coordinator at Battery Associates

Priyal Vadgama is a Social Media & Event Coordinator at Battery Associates which creates a sustainable world through battery innovation. She holds an MBA from Dublin Business School and is passionate about building brand identity and growing business goals using digital innovation.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors alone and not of Battery Associates.

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