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Battery Associates offers consulting services and connects battery experts with industry leaders.


Leveraging battery expertise globally

Expert Network
& Services

​Battery Associates offers bespoke consulting services based on its extensive network of battery experts. Inquire about services using our inquiry form.

We connect our clients to a unique network of global battery experts, offering Expert Network Services, Consulting Services and Project consultations on a wide range of topics.

Network Expert Services

The increased demand for batteries globally calls for specific battery insights. B.A acts as an intermediary between a diverse pool of experts and industries looking for skilled and battery-focused expertise.

We offer companies, corporations, and public organisations a privileged access to sought-after specialists in the sustainable energy and energy storage space. Based on companies' recruitment needs, we target opportunities and address the most demanding project needs.

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Consulting Services

B.A offers a wide array of consulting services to address sectorial challenges, offering consultations in battery-relevant areas. We also connect clients with experts in specific battery-related topics, from cell production to market research and schedule consultation calls. B.A's community of battery experts includes professionals working in the following industries: Automobile and mobility (EV, Scooters, Aerospace); lithium-ion battery research; battery cell production; mining; recycling; and the renewal energy industry at large, including wind power and solar photovoltaics​ (​PV​) industries. Ask about our bespoke consulting services.

Recruiting Services

With the increased demand for batteries globally, the unprecedented growth of the battery market calls for talented battery experts across industries. B.A helps you meet your needs for battery experts by acting as the intermediary between a diverse pool of experts and industry leaders looking to employ highly skilled and innovative talents. We link exceptional talents with companies and organisations looking for battery-focused expertise. ​Recruitment agreements and targeted advertisement opportunities within B.A's community are discussed on a case by case basis, dependent on specific company needs.

Get in Touch with Battery Associates.

Your questions and feedback are important to us! Please send us an email, and we would be more than happy to assist you.

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