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Battery Associates was founded in 2020 to unite battery enthusiasts globally and bring about sustainable energy solutions. B.A leverages the power of individuals to accelerate sustainable battery development and increase access to energy-efficient and sustainable batteries.


Today, B.A operates as a global network that unites battery experts (BatteryPRO), as a platform for innovative projects (BatteryLAB), and as a facilitator of training programmes for aspiring battery leaders (BatteryEDU). B.A's educational programmes notably includes BatteryMBA, a 12-week programme training aspiring battery leaders.

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Battery Associates (B.A) is a forward-thinking company dedicated to sustainable battery innovation. Our multidisciplinary approach tackles battery challenges and provides pioneering solutions for the global battery industry. 

Our team of experts collaborates relentlessly to develop cutting-edge solutions that have a profound impact on the global battery sector. At B.A, we firmly believe that the future of energy storage lies in innovation, and we are dedicated to shaping that future through our relentless pursuit of excellence in sustainable battery technology.



We believe in the transformative potential of a sustainable battery value chain and lead impactful projects that accelerate the sustainable battery innovation. We drive impact from BatteryPRO, our global network of battery experts; BatteryLAB, our platform for innovative battery projects; and BatteryEDU, our educational training programmes for battery enthusiasts.


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