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About Battery Associates

Battery Associates is a global network, consultancy, and recruitment platform for battery enthusiasts. We connect researchers, industry leaders, engineers, scientists, policy makers,and energy specialists known for their innovative work in the energy, mobility, and battery sectors. B.A’s mission is to expand and diversify the battery industry, break down the silos that hamper battery innovation, and accelerate the development of low-carbon and sustainable batteries.

Global consultants across the energy sector

B.A unites consultants across the battery supply chain to offer sustainable solutions to complex energy challenges and develop innovative projects related to batteries and energy.Our consultancy platform is inherently global: B.A's consultancy services are available on all continents.

B.A consultants are from the following industries: Automotive and mobility (EV, Scooters,Aerospace); lithium-ion battery research; mining; recycling; battery production; and therenewal energy industry at large, including
wind power and solar photovoltaics ( PV ) industries

Bespoke consulting services & competitive rates

We offer companies, corporations, and public organisations a privileged access to sought-after specialists in the sustainable energy and energy storage space. Based on project specificities, our team selects consultants with proven track record capable of best addressing project needs.

Access to B.A's consultancy services entails a 500€ onboarding fee. Consultancy fees rangefrom 150€-4000€ per day based on consultants.

B.A's global network

B.A is proud of its extensive support network, including ambassadors and advisors present globally. Our network includes academic and research institutions, iconic brands, andinternational organisations. B.A has the support of individuals with experience at prestigious labs and research centres (University of Cambridge, UC Berkeley, University College ofLondon, Collège de France) and companies including: ABB, Allianz, Alphabet, Battronics, BMW,CUSTOMCELLS. CMBlu Energy, E3DC, PRE Power Developers, and TESLA.

Get in Touch with Battery Associates.

Your questions and feedback are important to us! Please send us an email, and we would be more than happy to assist you.

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