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Battery Day 2023 Highlights

As we start looking forward to Battery Day 2024 on September 26th, we wanted to give you an overview of Battery Day 2023's success. On September 21, Battery Associates hosted the 4th edition of Battery Day, which featured 6 panels, 7 deep dives, 2 keynote addresses, and several networking breaks throughout the day. Battery Day 2023 saw the registration of 1000+ battery enthusiasts from 60+ countries.

During the event, delegates spent an average of 3+ hours on the platform, and participants conducted 170+ networking meetings.

Our 6 panels at a glance:

  1. Battery Market Overview in Asia: This panel explored the battery market in Asia and how Asia plays a central role in the global battery supply chain - providing essential materials, production capacity, and technological advancements.

  2. BESS Scale-up & Integration: Accelerating the Energy Transition: This panel featured the important role of BESS (battery energy stationary storage) in helping scale up, integrate, and optimise renewable energy distribution, reduce peak demand, and mitigate power outages.

  3. Battery Passports - Navigating the Present & Future Market Requirements: This panel provided a comprehensive and insightful discussion on Battery Passports, offering a deeper understanding of the policy, its impact on businesses, and the path forward in this rapidly evolving field.

  4. Battery Supply Chain, Raw Material & Sustainability: The panel ‘Battery Supply Chain, Raw Materials & Sustainability’ covered the opportunities and challenges in building a responsible and trustworthy battery supply chain.

  5. Emerging Battery Innovation Developments: The panel discussion glimpsed into future battery technologies, including both innovative materials and manufacturing practices in which batteries redefine electrochemical energy storage.

  6. Electrifying Growth: Battery Value Chain Investments for Gigafactories: The panel comprehensively addressed the essential components required for the establishment of battery supply chains. This included discussions on investment strategies and innovative approaches, as well as the pivotal roles played by automation and workforce development in this ecosystem.

Our 7 deep-dives at a glance:

During the event, a number of 45 min deep-dive sessions were run in parallel to ensure in-depth discussion into specific battery topics. This year, our deep-dives included:

  1. Using Telematics Data to Monitor the Health, Reliability, and Safety of Electric Vehicles in the Field: The session discussed the use of telematics data for monitoring the health, reliability, and safety of electric vehicles (EVs). The presentation emphasised the rapid growth of electric vehicles and the need for accurate battery data analysis to ensure safety and efficiency.

  2. Battery passport data: supply chain and battery data: This deep dive focused on battery passports and their role in complying with EU battery regulations. Beyond regulatory compliance, Nikki Kitson emphasised the importance of sharing data within the value chain to inform decisions, improve sustainability, and build strong supplier relationships.

  3. Mitigating risks of BESS operation and commissioning with battery analytics: The session featured insights into the challenges faced during the commissioning and operation of BESS. The speaker shared case studies and challenges related to commissioning, such as cell quality, BMS failures, state of charge estimation errors, and water and heat damage.

  4. Sodium-Ion Batteries: The deep dive session focused on sodium-ion batteries with a focus on their components, advantages, and applications.

  5. Battery Cycler: The presentation focused on the BA-CC1 Rev3 Battery Cycler which features simplicity, small size, affordability, cloud support, and community collaboration. The session also illustrates battery testing, and how it plays a crucial role in the development of batteries for various applications.

  6. BEV or FCEV Electric Trucks: The deep dive session presented the choice between BEV and FCEV depending on use cases, materials supply, charging infrastructure, and transmission losses.

  7. Battery Manufacturing Engineering – Dynamic Ecosystems, Aggressive Ramping, & Rapid Scaling: The deep dive presentation focused on battery manufacturing engineering and the challenges associated with dynamic ecosystems, aggressive ramping, and rapid scaling.

Our 2 keynote addresses at a glance:

  1. Europe Keynote: Battery Passport: Capturing, Verifying and Managing Value Chain Traceability Data & ESG Performance: The keynote session by Christian Jones from Optel Group concentrated on European battery regulation and the battery passport. Optel's solution, Op Chain, focuses on digitising the supply chain for batteries, onboarding suppliers, enabling traceability, conducting supply chain due diligence, and capturing data for the battery passport and other reporting and analytics purposes.

  2. US Keynote: Accelerating the battery industry with digitalization: The keynote by Vivek Furtado from Siemens focused on the rapid growth in the battery industry and the challenges it faces, as well as Siemens' role in addressing these challenges. Siemens offers a platform called the "Battery Accelerator" that includes modules for battery development, smart manufacturing, machine engineering, and circularity, aimed at optimising battery production.

Our warm thanks go to our sponsors & speakers for making this a successful event and a huge thank you to everyone for supporting our mission to share knowledge about battery industry trends and technology development while connecting leading experts throughout a full day of battery-focused discussions.

We look forward to hosting all the battery enthusiasts on Battery Day 2024, 26th September 2024. Battery Day 2024 will feature panels, deep dive sessions, keynotes, BatteryMBA case study, and networking breaks throughout the day.

About the Authors

Melanie Griff

Interim Chief of Staff at Battery Associates

Melanie Griff supports B.A's Founder & Chair and leads daily operations to accomplish B.A’s goals for a sustainable and people-centred battery sector. She holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Michigan and is passionate about educating and connecting people and companies to speed up sustainable innovation. Prior to transitioning into the energy sector, she previously worked on Wall Street and was part of founding teams of SaaS startups in New York and Barcelona.

Priyal Vadgama

Marketing Executive at Battery Associates

Priyal Vadgama is a Marketing Executive at Battery Associates which creates a sustainable world through battery innovation. She holds an MBA from Dublin Business School and is passionate about building brand identity and growing business goals using digital innovation.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors alone and not of Battery Associates.

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