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Welcome to Battery Associates

Battery Associates (B.A) is an impact-led company working towards sustainable battery innovation. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach to solve battery challenges and offer cutting edge solutions for the battery sector worldwide.
Who we are - brief
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Create a sustainable world through
the power of people and battery

Battery Associates (B.A) is a people-centered

company on a mission to accelerate

sustainable battery innovation.


We offer battery-focused trainings to expand & diversify the battery workforce.


We lead innovative projects to help accelerate battery innovation.


We offer consulting services and connect battery experts to diverse industries.

Our vison

We believe in the transformative potential of a sustainable battery value chain and lead impactful projects that accelerate the sustainable battery innovation. We drive impact from BatteryPRO, our global network of battery experts; BatteryLAB, our platform for innovative battery projects; and BatteryEDU, our educational training programmes for battery enthusiasts. 


Our programmes address the sector's most pressing issues like the lack of a trained battery workforce, the absence of affordable and open-source battery testing kits, and the lack of transparency in the battery supply chain.

Our Impact


Batteries play a tremendous role in the energy transition and support the United Nations SDGs. They contribute to decarbonising the mobility sector and enable decentralised and off-grid energy solutions. Batteries also help increase access to reliable energy for off-grid communities worldwide. Our commitment is to help accelerate sustainable battery innovation to unlock the positive impact of battery technology.

By transforming renewable energy into a reliable source, batteries contribute to bringing the transportation and power sectors to GHG neutrality. It is reported that batteries could enable 30% of the required reductions in carbon emissions in key sectors and provide access to electricity to over 600 million people globally. 

Why batteries matter

Battery Insights - Blogs

Solid - State Batteries Whitepaper 

With remarkable progress in the development of Solid-State Batteries (SSBs), major automakers globally are racing to either acquire stakes or enter into agreements with promising start-ups developing the technology. This Battery Associates white paper provides insights into the product technology as well as its production and industrialisation, and sheds light on uncertainties around SSBs.

Latest News

Battery Day 2022

Date: 23 September 2022

Join us online to learn about battery sector trends and technology development, and connect with leading battery experts worldwide during an entire day of battery-focused discussions. 

Battery Show 2022 Visit 

Date: 28 to 30 July 2022

The Battery Show targeted professionals working in the battery sector and those curious and interested to witness the quickly evolving developments in battery technology.

Battery Insiders podcast 
BA's event announcement

Dr Simon Engelke, Founder & Chair of Battery Associates, was invited to speak at the FT Summit held on May 9-12, 2022. Other speakers include Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla), Herbert Diess (CEO of Volkswagen Group), Ashwani Gupta (COO of Nissan), and many more. Dr Engelke will speak about The Cost Challenge: Innovating to bring the price down. Battery Associates is a supporting partner of this event. As such, get 20% discounted tickets here to join this virtual and in person event. Please use the code BATTERY

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