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Battery Mining Dialogue
March 16 2022

11 am - 5 pm CET

6 pm - 12 am CST
5 am - 10 am EST

Free individual tickets

VIP tickets available 

Sponsorship opportunities available

Join us on March 16, 2022 for an event focused on the state of the market, supply chain and sustainable mining practises for battery metals.


This online event is organised by Battery Associates in partnership with KAMNI Chain Ltd. 

Sponsoring opportunities are available. Learn more below:

Come meet leaders and experts working globally along the battery value chain and the mining sector!

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Panel topics

Supply and demand of critical metals

Traceability and blockchain technology for supply chain tracking

Opportunities and challenges in battery manufacturing

Standards & regulations for batteries

Sustainable mining: best practises in ESG & human rights

Speakers include

Geologists and critical mineral experts

Financial analysts and commodity market specialists

Sustainability & ESG advisors

Energy storage specialists & battery experts

Supply chain tracking
& Traceability specialists

OEMs and automobile manufacturers

  • How are policies like the upcoming EU regulations impacting the mining sector? 

  • What implications will new mining standards have on battery supply chains globally?

  • What are some best practices observed for the sustainable mining for battery minerals?

  • What technology serves the traceability for raw minerals ? 

  • How can blockchain technology be used at the service of the mining sector? How can we grow a community of users?

Panel discussions and roundtables will raise the following questions:

Why this event?

Changes in regulations impact the supply chains of batteries and the mining of rare metals required for their manufacturing. Furthermore, the increased awareness and scrutiny around ESG criteria and human rights issues associated with battery mining have made traceability technology, including blockchain technology, highly relevant to the mining sector. Offering perspectives from Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and North America, this free event features panel discussions and roundtable discussions around the most pressing challenges raised in the mining and battery sectors today.  

The event features panel discussions as well as roundtables with experts working across the battery value chain - from mine to car manufacturers. 

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