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Model: BA-CC1

(Developer Kit)


Simple, smart, affordable and allows data sharing between battery testing community.



You can measure 18650 cylindrical cell 



- Capacity and retention testing of Li-ion Cells

-​ Programable charge and discharge cycle scenarios

​- WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity


Short circuit Fuse

Over - current disconnect

Low-voltage disconnect

Over-temperature disconnect

The BA-CC1 is the first 18650 Battery Cycler launched by Battery Associates. It aims to achieve Battery Associates' objectives of developing a new generation of cyclers that are simple, smart, affordable and allow data sharing between battery testing community.

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About Battery Cycler

Battery development is crucial in energy transition and fast development of batteries is a pressing challenge in the energy sector. So, we need to develop a way of testing batteries which helps in increasing battery research. 


Battery cell test equipment constitutes a barrier to the reuse of battery cells globally. By creating an intelligent and affordable battery cycler, B.A tackles some of the most overlooked issues in the battery space:

  • Price: Most existing battery cyclers are expensive and over-engineered

  • Adaptability: Existing battery cyclers cannot be modified and are a “black box”

  • Cloud: Existing battery cyclers do not save data online and lack analytics

  • Community: Existing cyclers lack a supportive community around them​

Key Features

Our hardware is simple to use, allows any user to use it and can be connected easily to any WIFI network. Also, it can be powered through USB-C power adapter.

3D printed  outer casing
Easy assembly model
USB port for charging
LED for indication
Its an open source instrument designed and developed by Battery Associates. Soon the electronic layout designs will be made available publicly.
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Unique Web portal for Control & Monitoring

The Web Portal is designed to allow the user to simply monitor and control the cycler.

  • No additional software required on the computer

  • Connect with the cycler through any device

  • Control the cycler remotely and access the experiment data anywhere

  • Easily share the data with your team or with the community

  • Access previous tests and all other tests shared by the community

A multisectoral ecosystem

In addition to its hardware and cloud solutions, B.A is building an educational curriculum to accompany the broadening use of battery cyclers.


Through a set of courses, B.A will target public sector institutions, universities, and labs around the world to empower students and individuals around battery cell testing.

B.A will meet its objectives through the following steps:

  • Sourcing and producing cost-effective cyclers

  • Developing open-source software that allows for the remote calibration of testing devices

  • Offering educational course content to increase the access and use of battery testers.


Target customer groups include start-ups, battery labs, universities, and eventually large OEMs and industrial customers.

Battery Cycler

The 18650 B.A Battery Cycler aims to achieve B.A objective of creating an intelligent and affordable battery cycler. Pre-order it today.

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