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Accelerating innovation

Battery Associates develops innovative projects relevant to battery innovation.

Innovation for sustainable batteries

Battery Associates develops innovative projects to accelerate battery innovation. Our current projects include an open-source battery cycler, a competition platform for battery developers (BatteryDEV), and an Ethical Battery Rating system (EBR).

Battery Cycler

Testing and reuse of batteries cells is a major aspect of the energy transition. B.A’s battery cycler responds to a pressing challenge in the energy space. B.A develops both hardware and software components of an open-source battery cycler to create an affordable and modular battery tester. Potential applications include research, education, and testing. 

Battery Cycler


To address technical battery limitations, B.A launched an open-source competition platform for battery developers worldwide. Competitions result in custom battery solutions in areas such as: State-of-health predictions for mobility applications, AI-optimised R&D, and battery degradation predictions for stationary applications. In February 2021, BatteryDEV won the second place of the 10toGo Challenge ran by Microsoft and Volkswagen.

Image by Mohammad Rahmani
Battery DEV

Ethical Battery Rating

Battery Associates is developing  an ethical battery rating (EBR) to help implement regulations around sustainability, ethical mining and the prevention of human rights abuses across the battery value chain. 

Battery MAP


Battery Associates’ global battery BatteryMAP project is launched to completely
understand the global supply chain of the battery ecosystem.

Battery MAP

To more Battery Associates’ Battery Lab projects contact us.

Battery cycler project


Dr.Simon Engelke

Founder& Chair

Battery Assocites

BatteryDEV Project


Joachim Schaeffer

Lead - BatteryDEV Project

EBR Project

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Lead - EBR Project

BatteryMAP Project

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Lead - BatteryMAP Project

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